Signature Cocktails that will ‘WOW’ your Guests

Spring has officially sprung (even if there was snow on the ground yesterday) and the wedding season is in full force. For couples tying the knot this time of the year, consider offering a signature wedding cocktail that shows who you are and why you choose this amazing season. Just think of bright colors, fresh flowers, and nothing that will be too heavy for your guests. One light and fresh cocktail that is sure to be a crowd pleaser on your big day is the Rumberry Sipper which includes ingredients such as cran-raspberry, blueberry lemonade MIO, fresh lemon juice, along with light and dark rum and ginger ale. Garnish on a toothpick with a lemon wedge, raspberry, and blueberry to make it look as good as it taste. See below for full Rumberry Sipper recipe.

When trying to figure out what you want to give your guests as a signature cocktail, consider using ingredients that create a drink that represent you and fiancé. You want your guests to think that if they could put your personalities into a drink, your signature cocktail would be it! Two qualities you want to make sure are perfect when creating a signature cocktail are taste and presentation. Cost can also weigh into the equation. Make sure not to go overboard on the number of signature drinks you offer at your wedding. One or two is a good number, especially if you want one to represent he bride and one for the groom. Signature cocktails allow you to have fun on your big day, so get creative and offer your guests a cocktail they can’t forget!


Rumberry Sipper

Combine 1st five ingredients:

64 ounces cran-raspberry juice

1 ounce MIO blueberry lemonade

1 ounce fresh lemon juice

6 ounce light rum

6 ounces of dark rum

Mix 50/50 with ginger ale

Garnish on a toothpick with lemon wedge, raspberry and blueberry